> Pre-blog FOs

These are photos of finished objects, knit pre-blog. Some of these date back to the early 1980's, not having knit since my mother taught me to knit a scarf at the age of six.

Kille's Koigu scarf 2003
Caleb's drop stitch scarf 2004
Grandmere's shawl 1988
Mother's shawl 1988
Darcy's baby shawl 1990's
Colinette Absolutely Fabulous throw
Bohus cap
Fleece stuffed cap 2002
Fox Geese and Fences hat 1986
Aaron's triangle hat
Kille's Newfoundland Mitts 2002
Geometric Mitt left, Fleece stuffed mitt on right
Fox Geese and Fences on left, Star Mitt on right
Caleb's 2002 shooting mitts
Heilo cap 2002
First Aran
Caleb's Lufkofske  1992
Caleb's Icelandic set
Penny Straker "Johnny" original version
Penny Straker "Gretel" guernsey 1985
Anne Carroll's Cabin Moc
Alice's shawl
cuff detail, Caleb's Icelandic
Caleb's Icelandic
Kille's shrug for the Dress Up Dance 2004
Fingerless Glove mitts
Charlotte "Mystique" Row 74
Dan's Icelandic
Kille's Dale of Norway pullover
Penny Straker "Johnny" Second version
Caleb's Shetland baby cardigan
Penny Straker, Third Time
Caleb's Icelandic