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I am an anesthesiologist to support my fiber habit. I am also the mother of four children, two of whom still live at home. DS#1 has an art degree; DS#2 is majoring in biomedical engineering; DD is pre-vet and DS#3 wants to be a computer engineer.

Additionally, I am a domestic violence victim, and therefore live with outside early warning guinea fowl and three hundred fifty pounds of dogs inside - a rough coat Collie (DD's dog), an older German shepherd dog and a Spanish mastiff puppy.

I have lived in Argentina, Egypt and India before graduating from high school. My undergraduate degree is in chemistry. I went to medical school at the University of Oklahoma, and I have completed two residencies, one in OB-Gyn and one in Anesthesiology. I practiced OB-Gyn for ten years before changing gears to Anesthesiology.

In addition to having lived in three foreign countries, I've lived in TX, OK, MA, CO, MT, UT, MD & ME.


"Reading" books on my iPod, while spinning or knitting. I am particularly interested in challenging myself to learn historically correct knitting techniques/styles, and in spinning all sorts of fibers, in different techniques. I've a nice stash of rare and endangered sheep breed wool.