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Friday, February 11, 2011


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I'm glad Samson is recovering well. It's been a while since I've commented (I've turned into a lurker on most blogs I read) but the photo of you & Samson brought me out of the woodwork. So beautiful! Such love.


I'm so glad you have a vet willing to listen and change his SOP for Samson's benefit. Glad to hear the giant is doing so well now!


All pets should be so lucky as to have a mom like you. Thanks for the good report!


Poor baby. But he is in good hands. :)


What a great photo of you two! And I'm so very glad he's doing so well!!! (It's obvious that his choice of "parent" was a good one)

Amy Boogie

Glad to hear he's doing better!


He looks like the best snuggly buddy. I just want to curl up there with him.
I'm glad everything went well with the surgeries and he is back to his normal self.


That is awesome news tho! Two is definitely better than 1 and infinitely better than none! Hope he continues to do just as well!!


Poor guy, but lucky too to have you as his mom. His head is bigger than yours. He's huge! All the best to him, and you!


quite the saga for the poor fella. I hope he's done with all that and goes on for many a year pain and surgery free. And happily eating you out of house and home. :)

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