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Thursday, March 04, 2010


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I'm going with the positives - YAY!!! You've worked hard to control what you can and it's terrific you've lost weight, gotten stronger, off meds!!! I love your perspective.

(Please don't disappear again? Missed you!)


Yikes! you certainly have been going through it. Poor you. BUT you always have friends out on the web so no need to worry about being an Eeyore. Better to get it out than keep it in, right.
Fingers crossed for Sampson!
I really like the gratitude attitude and am going to have to look into those folk tales. congrats on the weight loss and the sugar reduction, that's really hard work.


Wow wow wow. I hope that kind of optimism is contagious because I could use some. Love you and am praying for peace and wellness for you and also for your family life situation with your son. XOXOXOX


Glad you are back blogging! Sounds like a very stressful past year for you - and I hope things continue to even out. Sometimes the worst stress-inducer is just waiting to hear good news, ya know?


Echoing the "Wow" Dianna. That is a lot to shoulder over a short period of time! I don't know how you do it. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers at keeping all the medical nasties at bay. There is something to be said about the powers of positive thinking. Did I ever tell you that I met Norman Vincent Peal in 1984 when he was a patient at my first nursing job in NYC? Or that he coined the phrase: When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. Hang in there my friend. And congrats on the weight loss. Way to go!


Oh, Dianna! What can I say? I know what you mean when you say you sometimes simply don't feel like blogging. You think no one wants to 'hear it', but we do. Your virtual friends care about you.
Similar working conditions in the health care profession are why I gave it up. I am fortunate enough to have a husband whose career made it possible for me. I truly feel for those who haven't been able to do get away from it. It simply isn't fair that economics and politics get in the way of our doing what we love; taking care of patients.
Glad Samson seems to be on the mend. It is so hard when our heart dogs have issues; as Sunny and I can well attest to. What a nightmare we have had.
And as for your health, keep doing what you must to remain healthy; especially your mental approach to it.
Above all, know that we in the blog world do care about you.
see ya in Farmville. :-)


Wow, Dianna, you have certainly been through a lot! I am glad that you are back to blogging and hope you will continue; you have a lot of people in blogland who care about you!

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