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Sunday, March 01, 2009


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Oh, I want to go there...The last time I had "High Tea" was at the Empress in Vancouver, British Columbia - and that must have been in 1993 or 1994.

If we both get to SPA next year - I'd like to go with you to tea...


What a great find! Glad you both had a chance to enjoy it. Lovely seeing you as always albeit for not long enough.


Oh, how lovely! Definitely sounds like a must visit.


Wow, what an interesting place! What kinds of teas did she have? Were they traditional teas, or thing like vanilla latte green?


It looks like a heavenly place to relax and find some really good tea!!


ohhhhh this place sounds awesome! There used to be a tea room close by but its now closed :(


We had a very similar place we used to go to when living in Scotland, proper tea no tea bags and many varieties. Sylvia made all the fabulous cakes herself and they were wonderful. There is something special about eating tiny sandwiches and creamy cakes from bone china while drinking tea from china cups with saucers. Sylvia had those old fashioned cake stands with 3 plates atop each other.
Strangely enough we have just come back from a quest to find an old fashioned teaset and old fashioned crockery.
Failed up to now


What a lovely respite! When we moved here years ago, there was a wonderful place in town called "Lavender's Blue: A Tea Room." It was very special as well, but sadly closed. There is another treasure of a tea room in Salem, but I've only gotten to go once - when I told my neighbor friend I was pregnant (surprise!).

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