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Thursday, October 09, 2008


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oh so beautiful! I'm so psyched for you. he sounds perfect


He is absolutely beautiful! And, I love the fact that he "gets it" that you are his human! There is just something so awesome when the get that!!!


Look at that face! I can just imagine the dogs zipping and zooming all around. Stella does that after her walks and it's fun to see her running like crazy around and around in the house. After a few minutes she plops down for a nap.


Such a sweet doggie. I can't wait to see the baggy skin pictures ;-)


I'm glad he's doing so well! I'd be interested in seeing his baggy skin... sounds odd but cool.


He is SOOO cute! Can't wait to see the "skin puddle" pictures, and a size reference. Glad the boys are listening, and that Sammy has "picked" you, too!


What an adorable, big baby! He's one lucky dog.


He's a doll!!


He is growing well and looking gorgeous:)


awwww what a big sweetheart!! I can totally picture the running around the island, we do running around the trailer or tractor here ;)


What a love! Thanks for the interesting facts about your mastiff. With 2 black labs here at home, I can totally picture the dog mayhem in your house.


And look at da face! How cute is he?

kristi and otis

sounds like he found the perfect human - and he's just adorable!


"He is a wicked awesome dog, and very smart!"

than he's a perfect match for you!

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