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Saturday, September 06, 2008


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A belated Congrats on your new pup! He's a beauty!


Adorable doggie!

I have a boxer and they tend to gastric troubles too. I'm always careful to feed him after a walk. We follow Ceaser Milan's structured walk regime, which boils down to walk, play, then eat. After that, my doggie just wants to sleep which gives his tummy lots of time to digest slowly.


what a cutie! one of my basset's is a sampson too (different spelling. Love your blog, I read it quite often.


what a cutie! one of my basset's is a sampson too (different spelling. Love your blog, I read it quite often.


So you didn't actually say whether you are going to take Samson in for the elective surgery....


Hey! He looks great! looks very happy and comfortable in his home.
Bloat is a scary thing- I just read about that surgery- very interesting.


Huge lovely guy!


Awwwww, snuggle up with him for me!!!


Big baby boy! He looks happy! We were careful w/ the wolfhound to not feed her then immediately run her, we'd wait an hour or so, and we'd wait 30 min or so if we ran her first before feeding. I think many of the "regular" dogs don't fully mature until they are 2... so maybe the giants are full grown at 2 and really full grown at 3? Hard knowing... the other thing (a sad thing) is that many of the giants have shorter average life expectancies, on the order of 8-10 vs 15 or so.


sampson is just getting more and more adorable!


He is too cute! Love his face...his markings are just beautiful!

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