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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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What a wonderful report on what sounds like a wonderful individual to add to your household! (Although it did pull hard on my heartstrings to read how he was shaking in his crate; poor baby.) Has DD's dog already left with her? Looking forward to watching him grow on your blog. :-)


Cute, cute! Hope he is settling in nicely.


He is beautiful! congratulations and good luck. I'm looking foward to the updates


What a cute boy! He isn't going to stay small for long though.


That's a great name for him! (but didn't you want an 'E' name? does he have his official name and also Samson?). And of course, he's wicked cunnin'. Will he grow a couple of inches a day for a while?? Details deah, like how old, how much does he weigh??? I was wondering over the past weekend when he was coming...


I'm sooooo excited for you!!!!!!!! We had to have a beloved member of our family (10 year old Shar pei) put down this summer so I know how HARD it is. Wishing you all the happiness a new puppy brings.


He's WONDERFUL! Looking forward to puppy updates!


I love Samson!! Samson looks like he's going to be be one HUGE dog. Give him lots of kisses for me.


Oh,he is awesome! I know you are just thrilled to have him. He is much cuter than I thought he would be. He has an adorable little face...

He did really well for a first day! Have to ask - is he a cuddler? Or does he want to be at the end of the bed by your feet?

Sounds like DD has her work cut out for her. I can't imagine carrying a tuba...


Oh yes please! Lots and lots of puppy updates. It sounds like he did really great, considering all the new stuff that got thrown at him in the first day!


Oh he is absolutely lovely:))


Sounds as though he did wonderfully. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about all his puppy progress. Welcome home Samson!


How wonderful! sounds like you are in for a great adventure with this guy!


Aw, poor puppy! But also,what a handsome puppy he is! And soooo big already!


sampson is too cute!


He's darling! May he fit right in and enjoy his new home.


He is absolutely adorable!!


oh, the updates will be fun! Samson (that does not start with E, btw) is adorable!!

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