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Saturday, August 16, 2008


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Amy in StL

For some reason the first name that came to mind was Eustus. But Earl is also a great name and I've always heard to name dogs with firm vowels not soft ones.

mary Devers

Oh, he is just adorable! I am happy that you found each other-its a good match! Best wishes- m xox
p.s. our dog is named DOG. People think it is Italian, I say no, its English and we're teaching him to spell.


Your new 'baby' will be great company for you...congratulations and good luck with him. How about Eli? I thought it fit since he would be caring for you!(The meaning of the name Eli is: High, ascended, or 'my God'. Famous bearer: The Old Testament priest Eli cared for the prophet Samuel when Samuel was a child.)


Congratulations to you both! He's so handsome! The first name I thought of was Echo. He'll be your echo.

Here are some of the reason why. Synonyms: reflect, resound, reverberate - verbs mean to send back the sound of: a cry echoed by the canyon; a cathedral roof reechoing joyous hymns; caves that reflect the noise of footsteps; cliffs resounding the thunder of the ocean.

Rosanne - Firefly Nights

He's a beautiful pup. I'm glad you decided it was time for you to get a new friend.


I didn't read anyone else's name suggestions. I took one look at his face and thought "ELMO!" Who knows why? But I see someone else suggested that name too.


Looks like an ELMO to me. I've never heard of this breed before but he sure is a handsome puppy. Congratulations!


Ellis? Sort of studious, I think. He has a thoughtful expression, as if he's cogitating upon the world and everything around him!
He looks as if he'll make a wonderful companion!!! Congratulations...


Ellis? Sort of studious, I think. He has a thoughtful expression, as if he's cogitating upon the world and everything around him!
He looks as if he'll make a wonderful companion!!! Congratulations...


What about Emmanuel Columbus Sundae? It means "God with us". Every good and perfect gift comes from God. My dogs and cats have been angels in my life. I believe they are gifts from the Lord.


He looks quite the wonderful personality! I hope you enjoy him as much as you enjoyed having Hero around - not that he could replace Hero....but a good followup partner. :)


Congratulations! I hope he works out exactly as hoped. The name that sticks in my mind for him, even after reading everyone else's suggestions, is Euwan. (I'm sure I'm not spelling that right; it sounds Irish.) Good luck picking a name; I love choosing names.


How about Eduardo, and call him Eddie if you want.


ok here are the new ones
Edwin, Eli, Ebenezer,Edgar,Elliot
I'm partial to Edwin and Elliot :)


Oh, he is soooo adorable!! Good for you! I've been waiting to hear this happy news. I'll think on the name for you.


OMG, what a beautiful little man - so soon to be a BIG man!
I'm thrilled for you and look foward to hearing all about the puppy happinings.


I'm sooooo glad you are back to blogging!!! I'm happy for you that you are getting a new puppy. Can't wait to see his progress.

Doug Arnold

That dog has "ELVIS" written all over that lovable face!


Is he adorable or WHAT!!!
How about Ernest, I'm going to think about it more but thats the first thing taht popped into my head. So glad you're going to have your own baby!


I wrote the pronunciation wrong! It is the first E sounds like the second one and the second one has the accent :D


When I saw him, "Egor" came to mind. He's beautiful! I envy you a new puppy. I also understand that you want to have a dog, which will be yours. I have Sam.
I love large breed dogs. Looking forward to pictures of him growing up. :o)


Isn't he handsome! Who knew... There are just so many unusual dog breeds out there. Years ago I got the simon & schuster dog guide, just because it was so entertaining to look through. It looked like just about any mutt dog on the street could be matched with a picture, hey that's no mutt, that's my Catahoula Leopard Dog. Since then I've met people who have said leopard dog (mostly southerners). The Spanish Mastiff is even in here.

Anyhoo... I'm partial to names with an 'ie' sound... seems it carries when you're hollering... but what did we name our dog recently? Zuzu, go figure.

Eddie is my grandfather's name, and it seems a good name for a dog. The Spanish versions of Eadgard, Edmund, and Edward (Edgardo, Edmundo, and Edwardo) seem good (they all have some meaning to do w/ protector). So I'm looking around on a name site and this one amuses me, Eutropio (versatile). But maybe you don't even want a Spanish name??? Good luck with it. I'm sure you're anxious to meet him!


What a beautiful puppy! I am very happy for you!
Name: Edén but pronounced in Spanish were the second e sounds just like the first one.
Just because:
"The origin of the term "Eden", which in Hebrew means "delight",
More info at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_of_Eden


What a handsome breed, and he looks so cute. Congratulations!

About names, how about:
Elmo (Italian version of a Germanic name, from "helmet, protection")
Ettore (Italian for Hector, meaning "defender")


what a sweet face!
that's exactly why i got a new puppy, my dd took our yellow lab back to school with her.
have fun with your new baby :-)


What a beautiful baby! I know he will make a wonderful protector and friend for you!!!


Enki, lord of water and wisdom
Eamonn (guardian)
Earvin friend
Eduardo (Edwardo) guardian
Elek, defender

Glad to hear you have a new puppy arriving. Look forward to many pictures

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