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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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Had lots of problems with Typepad until I changed to Firefox from Internet Explorer.


where are you-miss your blog


I was extremely frustrated at first, too, but it's better now. I still have some issues with the slow typing and the delay. It jammed a couple of times on me with the spell check but not recently. I'm hoping it gets better!


No useful advice I'm afraid. I've only ever used blogger so can't say which is better.

Sympathies though -- I agree blogging should be fun and NOT another chore!!


It's better now. When the changes first came out I almost bailed. I don't think I was alone because they started making fixes really fast.

It's not as easy as it was, but I do like that when you enter a link, you can give it a label pf your choice that pops up when someone rolls their mouse over the link.

Madame Purl

I was on Typepad, but got tired of the limitations. I went with the self hosted Wordpress verion, but I think their hosted version is very simple. I do put a bit more work into the self hosted version of Wordpress, but I enjoy it so much more.

Jenny Harrison

I've used blogger, Typepad (before the change) and now I'm pretty happy with Movable Type. I know a lot of bloggers switched to Wordpress.


I'm on Blogger and have had no problems. Recently, they made some changes that really do improve how easy it is to load photos and create links and make type bold and/or italic.


I like blogger and find it easy to create links and upload pictures. However, they are not very good on customer service. For example my "profile" link has had an error code for 6 months and it's still not fixed....


I really like Wordpress. It used to be a bit of a challenge to use, but ever since I installed a Flock Browser (by Firefox) on my computer, it is totally simple. Most things can be done by "drop and drag".


I hated blogger and moved to typepad, but I'm not happy at all with the changes. It seems either I'm really stupid or they've really made it more difficult to just type a damn post!


Some of the things, like links, line through, etc, work after you highlight the text you want the action on. On the photos, I've been putting the photo in huge, then left clicking on the photo twice, which brings up a customizing screen below the photo. Then I choose small size for the photo and either text flow left or text flow right. And I get the results I want, just not as easily.

It does feel like typepad "fixed" what wasn't broke.


I've been unhappy with the typepad changes too. Apparently they are working on fixes for putting in photos (which is currently a huge PITA). The link function seems ok for me. What I do DESPISE is the slow typing. You hit the delete key to correct a typo and there's a 5 second delay before it deletes. Although I'm too lazy and not frustrated enough to move to another blog service.


I've used blogger from the beginning - and really, I have had no problems.


I have always found blogger ok

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