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Sunday, May 25, 2008


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Congratulations on the keets. Now when I'm hearing the peacock screech in the pre-dawn hours (followed by three toms gobbling and two roosters crowing, over and over), soon you'll be awake listening to your own chorus.

Guinea hens are hysterical footballs on legs. Love 'em.


FOUR ACRES! Girl, you have PLENTY of room for a couple little sheepy! hee hee.....


I was reading to dh about the perimeter alarm system and he says 'yeah, and they also eat ticks' (as you noted, I just thought it amusing it was the first thing he thought)... which would be a fabulous reason to have some on its own! But they can't be as fun to snuggle as a good pooch.


We have them wild in our front yard, they completely trashed our seedlings. Now that the plants are more established they are ignoring them. I think they are the coolest birds!


how do they know what the territory is? how many do you need? are they OK with the dogs- and dogs with them?

I wonder if we can keep them in our area.... we do have foxes running around so it might not work after all....


Thanks for the informative post! While I knew they rid ones garden of bugs, slugs and such and provide one with fresh eggs, I didn't know they send out an alarm to intruders. I love their markings.

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