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Thursday, April 10, 2008


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New vet! yippie! we had our GSD chipped as a pup. itn's it crazy the things that can go on with them? poor baby but he's in good mommy hands


Recovery isn't always speedy, but I'm glad Hero is doing so so well! A spring grooming for dogs sounds like a wonderful idea. I could use a spring grooming myself.


I hope you can find something that works for Hero's GI problems. He is such a sweet boy. All my little ones have microchips.


The new vet's information sounds promising for Hero. Hurray for grooming day. Everyone will be so handsome or pretty. :D


Hope things improve for you, Hero is lucky to have you
BTW have some barn pictures to send you this next few days:)


That's quite an undertaking you've got going. I'm sure it's discouraging when all you want is for your care to help Hero get better. I hope the new to you vet's approach works. Hugs!


Hi there. Glad to see an update on Hero but sorry to hear he is still having difficulties.

Isn't metronidazole the same as Flagyl? If so, Flagyl is just not a nice drug and one that I avoid. I never give it to my dogs.

I had a dog with a clostridia problem and the only thing that ever worked for him was Tylan powder. I've known others that it worked for as well. It's available without a prescription but you do have to have a vet tell you how much to use. If you want to know more, just email me!

Give Hero some extra pats and hugs from me.

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