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Thursday, March 06, 2008


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So glad to have finally met you and spend some time with you albeit short. Your co-worker was fun too. You both should have pulled up your chairs and wheels to join us! We are a loud and boisterous bunch! How did I miss the mitten blockers??


"I spoke with an animal communicator about Hero, and she gave me great information on what he needed from me to heal quicker and more completely."
I'd love to hear more about this! Sounds like you had a very restorative time--just what you needed.


Heh - seems we both have a fondness for the same two vendors. I went heavy on feltable fibers this year. As often as I was in those two booths, I'm still amazed we managed to miss each other.

I'm not sure I can wrap my brain around that description of Amy's parlor trick. I think I'm going to have to see that.


Sounds like a most wonderful time and you brought back a great haul. :D


nice haul! I have the Roasting Chestnuts too! what are we going to do with it?! lol

Tha spa services sound awesome, but WAIT... there was an animal communicator at SPA? How'd that work? and How is Hero?

ps LOVE Digestives. Cannot have them in the house. Worse than Girl Scout Cookies. (ate some everyday while on honeymoon in Ireland. I miss Ireland)


Sounds like you had a wonderful time at SPA. I hope to go next year and get to meet up with some of the group. How is Hero doing???

Alarming Female

what beautiful treasures you found. Spunky Eclectic and Woolen Rabbit are two of my favorites.


Wait! Amy can do *what*???!? I've never heard of such a trick...

The fibers are lovely. I'm sorry I had to miss SPA this year - I had a major exam the Monday following and I knew better than to skip studying for fun... *sigh* Next year...

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