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Thursday, March 27, 2008


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those are really lovely socks...and forget about the race, it would take me forever to finish such a pair of socks. I just started knitting socks since january, so i truly don't have that much experience.


Very nice. I like the diamonds! Nine hours - never happening in my world!!


yeah, those are REALLY pretty socks!

Karen S

Wow, those are really beautiful... I can understand why you chose to enjoy the journey instead of trying to compete with the 9 hour wonder-knitter (though I think you deserve the title wonder-knitter as well, because you knit such lovely socks)!


This person who did it in 9 hours has no life??? Or needs no sleep???

Your socks turned out beautifully...and it was nice that you took your time to enjoy the process...


Nine hours might be a bit insane. It's not even so much that it's a short amount of time to do a whole pair; it's that I can't imagine anyone having nine straight hours to devote to knitting.

Must be nice in their world!

Yours are beautiful.


Sigh. I usually figure 9 days... or 9 weeks and I'm doing pretty well. I don't know how people can do things like that in 9 hours. I really like this pattern tho!


Those are really REALLY lovely! Nine hours?!?!?!?!?!


9 Hours! WOW!! Your socks look great - even if they did take a bit longer.

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