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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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Amy in StL

I'm so glad Hero seems to be making great progress after his surgery! Poor baby with the diarrhea, that's always so embarassing for them. I hope the probiotics work! Always good to have another working treatment in our arsenal when it comes to our babies!


Sorry to hear about Hero! I hope he gets better fast!


I'm sorry to hear that Hero has not recovered fully, and has to deal with diarreah to boot. Hope the granulates will help him. Biko is doing fine, as long as she's taking it easy in the snow. Whenever she's jumping like a deer, because it's so deep, she's feeling a little sore in the evenings, which we notice by how she's climbing the stairs. Other than that, she's like a new dog, so happy and playfull, and sweet. The munchies are gone now, but she' got used to get morsels, whenever I'm cooking. Have to stop giving in, when those huge dark eyes look at me like that. ;o) Best to you and Hero!


You're welcome! Glad things are progressing well with Hero. Let me know how the pro-biotics go.


That is such awesome news. I'm so happy for you and Hero. My DH rescued a dog and the poor thing has the squirts too. The vet recommended mixing yogurt, cottage cheese, or rice in with her food. The vet also suggested a banana if the dog will eat it. I'll be posting soon with photos of our sweetie pie, Stella.


I didn't know yogurt doesn't work for dogs; thanks for the info should I ever need it. Glad to hear everything but the bladder is pretty well back to normal.


I'm happy to hear your Hero is making such progress. I'm crossing my fingers that the probiotics help his digestive system get back to normal. You have my utmost admiration for being HIS hero!


Things are better than not too long ago. They might get better or not. But you have your beloved friend who knows that you love and care for him.


Glad there are probiotics out there for those wicked dog guts. Do you have a naturopathic vet out where you are that may help with, oh, what's the word, system building? Sounds like it is still hard, hope he continues to progress in a positive way. I think in addition to letting him know you love him, it might be important to let him know you'll be ok when he needs to go. A friend finally let her dog know this, and the poor thing just died right then and there. (she had more and worse issues than Hero...) None of it is easy, thinking of you...


wow that's so great! (and I'm coming to eat at your house!)
bummer about the poopies, but its a process and I'm sure you will get it all sorted out.

give him some lovin from us!


Great to hear that Hero is doing so much better. Sounds like you are taking very good care of him.


Updates are wonderful, especially those that include progress! The bond that develops when long term care is necessary is amazing. I went through that with a cat with a shattered jaw & cleft palate (somebody's booted foot, the vet figured). It took a couple of surgeries and a very long time of daily drizzling food and water down his throat, repeated antibiotics and a lot of cleaning his face and front. But he always seemed to know I was taking care of him and repaid that care many times over.

Amy Boogie

I'm glad that Hero is progressing so well. That's awful about the diarrhea. I hope the pro-biotics work well.


Hero surely feels that you are his hero.


I'm so glad to hear about Hero's progress. Recently, after our Chloe's surgery, she developed diarrehea and the rice/chicken wasn't helping it. My husband started giving her pepto bismal tabs and it helped tons. Keep up the good work Hero!


Here I've been giving our dogs yogurt twice a day, thinking it was acting as a probiotic! I'll look for those granules. I'm relieved to hear Hero is making such a great recovery!


Glad to hear that he is making progress, hope the pro-biotics work.

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