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Monday, February 04, 2008


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Alarming Female

This is a wonderful list of so many great links---many of which I never knew. I've been lax in my blog reading, so thanks for the little pressie this morning!


I popped over here from Lisa's blog -- I'm so glad to see Hero is doing so much better, and I hope to meet you at SPA!


thank you so much! and putting me in such good company, too . . i'm not worthy!


Thanks Diane! I haven't even heard of a couple of those, and they look very interesting... so I'll be visiting them soon. I'll also soon give you thanks on my own blog...have been pretty bad about this meme.


Thanks so much - for the 'Make My Day' and for your really kind words. That definitely made my day -- and added a few new blogs to my daily read.


Now I've got some new blogs to check out. Amy's yarn & roving is just amazing. I stumbled onto the Chevalier mittens on ravelry today and just fell in love.


Really interesting - you and I have only one blog in common on your list of 10...(Anne Hansen) Hmmm...I am going to have to go check out a few of these other blogs...they sound incredible. I love the fact that this award gives us that chance...


Thank you for the nomination! Now I'm enjoying looking at the other blogs, most of which are new to me. Does that mean the world is expanding or drawing closer together? Both, I suppose :)


So glad to hear Hero is getting better!


thank you (blushing)

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