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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


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Okay, now I'm getting worried again, because it's been several days with no new report. Please let us know how things are there with you and Hero.


Such great news! Email me your snailmail addy, please. :-)




What wonderful, wonderful news!

Amy Boogie

It's good to hear that Hero is getting better daily.


oh, how good to hear!

Amy in StL

I'm so glad he's recovering so well. Keep us updated, the stories are so happy!


I'm just getting caught up with blogs and read about your Hero. I'm so glad he's recovering well! My pups Riley and Lewey send their best wishes as well.


Oh how excellent! I'm so psyched to hear his ears are back up. It breads my heart so see a GSD with his ears down. sounds like he is really doing great!

Package in the mail to Hero yesterday! so keep an eye out!


Oh that's awesome news!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!


How amazing is modern medicine? I can't believe how quickly you are seeing results. Yay for Hero! btw -- hope to see you at spa!


What a wonderful progress report! Leg hiking is serious business, and he really must be feeling better to even attempt it! Keep up the good work, Hero!


Wonderful news! I am very happy for both of you! Thank God for modern technology and for great vets.


You can actually hear the happiness in your voice! Thank goodness for the little steps that lead to recovery!


Sounds like he's doing great; I'm so happy to hear it!


What good news!! How wonderful he was helped by the surgery.


ack this is wonderful news! Sounds like he's getting back to his old self :)


Super news! My older dog can't eat Greenies. She brings up bile in her crate in the morning. But they are tasty! :-)


Progress is good! The redheads are sending more puppy kisses.


Wonderful news!!


Really glad to hear that Hero is doing so much better. I know you both are much happier.


I had a big smile on my face as I read your progress report. Yay Hero!!!! Just as a sidenote, are those Greenies ok for them to eat? I know there was some problems with them but then they reformulated them. Give him a big hug for me.


It certainly sounds like things are looking up. :)


That's great news!

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