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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


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The stairs will be good for muscle building too. Glad he's doing well! Yes, the ice surely sucks.


Slow but sure wins the race...and I'd rather he healed slowly...and that it would be permanant.


glad to hear he's making it slowly but surely!


Glad to hear he is improving. A bit is better than nothing at all. It will get better. Keep us posted.


Thanks for the update on Hero. It sounds like he is certainly making good progress and barrier-climbing (though risky) sounds like a good sign to me.

Good luck with your icy weather and stay safe.


Oh, do take a photo of Mr. Spoiled Hero in his new sweater for us in blogland! I've got to get myself organized to swatch and start a new project; I want to knit an article of clothing for myself. Lately if I've had a bit of quiet, free time I've been spinning. Seems like it's one or the other.... I do have "the scarf of miserable yarn" to work on when I have waiting time.


I'm so glad to learn that Hero is getting better and better. I've been wondering about him and waiting for your next post.

I had to take Roscoe, one of my two Jack Rusells, to the vet today. He's hobbling around on three legs. Apparently the leg he had surgery on a few years ago now has a lot of inflammation from arthritis and his patella was locking up. Not sure how I'm going to keep him quiet for a few days, but we will try.

Don't you just hate it when our four-legged children are hurting?


You can't blame him for "milking the spoiling thing", can you? Someone ought to be spoiling you as well, though, because you're going through just as much stuff as he is.
Good luck for more improvement on all fronts!


he climbed the barricades??? well, he must be feeling pretty good! thanks for the update!

Ice! eeewwweee. I hate ice too and WILL NOT drive until everything melts.

stay safe


It's so good to hear he is better day by day. You have been an intrepid and loving caregiver!


I've been away Too Long! Just read over what's been going on with Hero - thank Goodness he has such a loving companion to care for him through this problem and thank goodness he's doing well post-op. I'm thinking about all of you and wish the best for his recovery! XOXOXOXOX


Climbing barricades - the stinker! But, that's progress and that's good.

Hope your ice melts soon. Ours isn't so bad, though the neighbor's pine did drop a number of limbs and branches in my yard. And I sure wasn't going out in the heavy cold rain to shovel off the snow/ice/slush combo we got, so this morning my deck and driveway are pretty crunchy and awkward for walking. DD's BF did clear the front sidewalk so we are at least legal.


Yeah, snow good, ice sucks. He really need some special treatment right now. I'm glad he's still improving, even at a slower pace. I'm just about to prepare the downstairs room for Biko and my son (or I), so we can sleep there. She's at the clinic right now. I hope all goes well. I wish I were at the stage you and Hero are right now, already! Wish both of you all the best!


I just stumbled on your website and cannot tell you how much I totally understand your love for Hero! I have 2 precious GSDs and work in the DV field. I, too, am a survivor and I knit to save my sanity!
May Hero heal fast and be blest with many more years of loyal service to you!

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