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Saturday, February 02, 2008


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Glad to hear he's doing so well.


Hooray! Sounds like Hero is on the mend and just needs his Mommy's love. I am so glad for you & Hero.


I am so relieved and happy for you upon hearing the good news about Hero!!! How wonderful to see immediate results; I'm sure he'll get more function back as time goes on.


Thank you so much for the update. It sounds very good and Hero was obviously so glad to see you! Hurray.


hurrah - it sounds like his will to fight is still there - and him eating when you were there is very good.
I hope he's home soon, and wearing his lovely new sweater :-)


So happy Hero is doing well, may there be more improvement every day!


So glad that you are keeping me updated on the baby! I have been so worried about him. A few of my friends are checking on him too cause I mentioned that he was sick.


What great news!


Super news Dianna! Sounds like you had some quality time with him. I'm sure he appreciated you being there. He's lucky to have you!


Thanks for the update Dianna. I love to hear how Hero is doing, especially with good news like this. We've been giving our Chloe steamed chicken and rice after a recent surgery. Boy does she love it. Hopefully she lets us go back to regular food eventually.


Oh that's good news. I'm so relieved that he's doing so much better, so soon. I knew he would eat, once you were there! Good boy! :o)


Very good news! Glad to hear he's coming along.


awww told ya he would eat when he saw you :)
Fantastic news that he's coming along so well. He'll be home in no time.


Great news! Hooray!


Yay, Hero! Molly and Gypsy send sloppy puppy kisses.


Glad he's doing better! How long should he be there? Have you seen Lucy Neatby's 'Cables after Whiskey' sweater? Sounds like a similar idea.


That is wonderful news. :)


Very happy to hear about Hero. It is good that he got such good recovery on his legs I bet that improves the prognosis for the bladder/bowel. Keep us posted.


hurray for Hero and his doctors! I'm so happy to hear his progress is good and that he ate for you.
give him lots of belly rubs from us!

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