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Friday, February 01, 2008


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I'm so glad to hear Hero came out of the surgery okay!


I'm so glad Hero is going to be ok . ..

Lynne Robinson

WHEW, I bet you let out a huge sigh of relief! So glad the surgery went well. Sending healing thoughts his way and lots of belly rubs!


Poor thing, but lucky it went all well. Keeping fingers crossed that the healing process will go fast and well too!


So glad Hero is out of the OR and for the good and hopeful news. The sweater sounds perfect. It'll keep your fingers and mind busy until he comes home.


Glad to hear things went well. Now lets pray for a fast and good recovery.


It sounds like very good news at this point. The sweater sounds like an excellent idea. Hero may be a bit embarrassed by the bare spots as well as being chilled. I'm still sending healing thoughts your and Hero's way.


Sounds like good news so far. I am delighted about that for both of you. And that sweater sounds just sooo right. I'll be continuing the good thoughts for healthy healing.


I'm so glad Dianna!!!! I know what you mean about checking in with your dog about what to do. Our border collie Maggie had some serious recurrent issues for the last year or so of her life. The first time was the scariest, but she still had spark, wanted her ball (even though she couldn't focus on a thing or stand up, even to pee). Hero being a boy, these things probably won't work for incontinence (another last part of her life issue, separate from the other)... the vet prescribed an amino acid (I forget what one), but it stopped working very quickly, then she went onto diethylstibesterol (DES)... to tighten the urinary sphincter. Worked like a charm. Can you rig up any sort of port a pot urine catching device for your boy? Does he lose his bladder when he tries to stand? As for nerve regrowth, here's hoping. Sid (bro to my current girls) sliced through his ulnar nerve and a tendon and a lot of muscle, but he seems to be healing well. He has use of his foot (though it pains him with a lot of use, it's still early) and he appears to have feeling in the foot... so they do regrow! Hope Hero likes his sweater.


Poor baby, with all those shaved areas and the catheter thing, but it's good that the vet gave him a good prognosis. I am sure the sweater you are knitting will make him feel better. :)


I'm glad that he is done with surgery Dianna. It sounds like it went well and I'm sending you both big hugs and positive thoughts. I'm sure the sweater will not only be warming, but be filled with love and comforting feelings of all the improvements to come.


The sweater will be perfect for him (and for you). May he heal quickly!!

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