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Thursday, February 21, 2008


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OMG; I just read your post on Ravelry and see that you were in the room NEXT DOOR to me and I didn't meet you!!!!!


I'm glad to hear that Hero is continuing to improve!

I guess I missed you at SPA this weekend; I was at the HGI from Friday through Sunday as well. There were so many people, though, that I guess it's not surprising.


Hurray for Hero's progress, and hurray for you taking a retreat weekend! I'm sure it'll do you a world of good. What did you think of your pedicure? A girlfriend treated me to a manicure/pedicure for my birthday and it was fun (I was too sexy for my toes - or the other way around - there for awhile!), but I'll take a massage ANY day (shoot, I'd take one EVERY day if I could afford it!).


I am so glad Hero is recovering. Hope you have a great time at SPA. I had plans to go but I've been sick so no SPA this year.


So glad he continues to improve! We have resorted to this barricade: the tall kid gate, with the regular gate on top, so the doorway is gated to about 4.5 feet high. I'll be at SPA on Saturday, just visiting... in my pink and orange hat, I'll look for you, look for me too!


I'm so glad to hear about Hero's progress. Sounds like very good things are happending!



I'm glad he's improving again. He'll think twice next time he'll put his feet on the table! :o) Is he keeping still for his pee procedure? IT's hard to imagine. I hope he'll be able to pee on his own real soon.
Have a lot of fun at SPA, adn i've never had a pedicure either.

Biko opened the door to the garage today. She's desperate to go outside and have fun. But it's still icy cold, and only a week since her surgery. She didn't yelp though, still get's one Tramadol each day, maybe that's way.


Happy to hear from you. Good progress note!


Yay for Hero! I'm sure he has healed more quickly because you've been with him. Enjoy yourself this weekend. You deserve it!


great news on Hero! sounds like he's really healing well

Have fun at SPA - take lots of pics and relax- good for you


Pedi's ARE marvelous. Have a wonderful time at SPA...you deserve it! It's so good to hear that Hero is better day by day.


I'm glad to read that Hero is doing well. I'll see you in Freeport this weekend.

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