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Sunday, February 03, 2008


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It's wonderful what can be done for our pets now. I hope Hero has a fast and comfortable recovery! BTW, to give pills I have found "butter balls" works best. Simply coat the pill in butter and down it goes.


I'm behind again on my blog reading - I'm so happy to hear that Hero was released from the hospital. I hope he is continuing to do well. I'll be at SPA, hopefully, I'll see you there.


Wonderful Diane!! spa? when is spa? It sneaks up on me. I would definitely stop down for a few hours.


Welcome home Hero! I'll be at SPA on Saturday so maybe we'll have a chance to meet in person.


I'm so glad he's doing so well. Lets hope he'll continue to heal that fast.


That's wonderful that he is home.


Big cheers for Hero! Much more comfortable for both of you that he is home. I hope the good news keeps on keeping on!


I just finished reading about Hero and his surgery and I'm so glad that you gave him this opportunity and that it has proven to be successful. My BFF is a Jack Russell Terrier and I know I will be lost when the time comes that he's no longer with us. Animals are just as special as people!


That brought tears to my eyes! I am so glad he is home!!!! Now, you can get some rest!!!


Great that he's home! Kind of surprised that he needs to be straight cath'd. So the lift of the leg and spontaneously voiding yesterday didn't continue? Glad he's tolerating it. Hope to see you at SPA.


So, so nice to hear! Take care of yourself as well as Hero!


awesome awesome!!!


I have a beloved dog with degenerative myelopathy so know too well the heartache of watching our lovely guardians go through trouble.
It's really stressful. Knitting and writing have really helped me.

I have a post on my blog about my Simon and his trials, if you're interested.

I'm routing for both of you!


Wonderful news! Very happy for you. Give Hero a great big hug for me.


WOW! great news! I bet he is so happy to be home.

thanks for the great news!

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