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Monday, January 07, 2008


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What a wonderful work. The pattern looks great and the colour and yarn are perfect. ( In german i would say, "sie sehen sehr edel aus" i don't know the exactly words in english, may be one would say "they look very noble ?)
I think you know what i mean ;-) .

LG from Sabine


Those are absolutely gorgeous! I can't help asking, though, if the colorway is "Tupelo Honey" rather than "Tulepo Honey." (The Van Morrison song, you know?)

I would go crazy with the lace as I am discovering I have a YO intolerance. All the more reason I am impressed.


I've thought of it as post-project depression. Some discussion on the net said, "well, if that happens, you just need to have more projects going at once"


oh sounds like you need to knit another pair! thank you for such a nice review!


I had a vision of how good those apothecary bottles would look in my ratty old barn windows... maybe you could get somebody to make you a cabinet with old window panes (the small ones that are disheveled and falling apart...)


Those socks are stunning and I love love LOVE the color! Oh, and your crazy xmas present....wow! (mucus tubes...wow)


Beautifully done!!!! I am working on my second sock this week and I know I will enjoy it too!


They are beautiful, pattern and yarn are wonderful! If you like it so much, why don't you knit another pair in a different color? They would make a spectacular gift for somebody, there's nothing ordinary about them.


A wonderfully conceived project executed brilliantly!

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