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Thursday, January 31, 2008


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Healing thoughts and prayers to Hero ... he sounds like a heckuva great dog.


You both will be in my prayers.


Best of luck with your fabulous Hero! Try to remember that neuro problems are unpredictable and that this can be good - I had a neurological illness myself 9 years ago and have done much better than might have been predicted. Keep the faith.


I'm sending my very best wishes to you and Hero for everything good.


Oh Dianna, I'm so sorry your little Hero isn't well. I'm sending good thoughts your way. Give that sweet doggie a hug from me.


I hope you can find something or someone to help him. I totally understand your feelings.


Good vibes to you both. I hope it turns out to be something that can be fixed and you can enjoy each other's company for a long time to come.


I'm so incredibly sorry - I will keep Hero and you in my prayers.


Hero is aptly named. I'll say a prayer for Hero's health!


A post about Hero was one of the first I ever read on your blog. I know how much he means to you. I'm sending good thoughts, healing thoughts your way.


I'm so sorry -- he sounds like a valued companion. I'll keep my fingers crossed for good news/treatment options.


Saying prayers for your Hero. I am hopelessly in love for the first time with a dog, and I already dread the day when such news may come (and he isn't even a year yet). There is nothing that compares with the love and loyalty they give us. I wish you both lots of strength and healing.


I'm sorry to hear that. I know what you are going through. I was at an animal hosptial, revered by our Vets, with our Biko. She's got thoses signs as well. The Neurologist didn't find anything conclusiv. So we'll be back for an MRI, and another specialist next Wednesday. Isn't it the darnest, that our special friends develop sicknesses too?! Your Hero is a special dog, and I'm glad he served you so well, our Biko is just a companion dog, but we desperately need her companionship! :o) All the best to you and Hero!


Seeing such things strikes a hard blow to the heart. I hope you get good news in Portland. Hugs and healing thoughts to both of you.

Lynne Robinson

I am so sorry to hear about your Hero. I know some of how you are feeling. My 7-year-old Bernese was just diagnosed with lymphoma last week. We lost four dogs to cancer last year, another one is just too much to bear. He has started chemo.

But enough about me. I might take a guess and say that Hero has DM (degenerative myelopathy that occurs in older dogs. I've had several dogs with this disease. It is progressive but can be controlled with prednisone. There are no surgery options, but dogs can live a good life for years before they lose control.

Here is a link:

Best of luck to you in your diagnosis! If you want to, please email me and we can chat further.

Lynne (new Jersey Girl)


Yes, yes, healing and warm and loving thoughts with you and Hero. Let us know the results...??


Good luck, Ihope it all goes well. He sounds like a wonderful companion.


ohhhh dianna!!! Will be praying Hero will be ok. Hugs from Molly and Boston!

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