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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


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Welcome back!!


I once spent a summer in London, and it included a much too brief weekend in Edinburgh. What a magical place. Yes, coming home was a bit of culture shock. Hope the Hanne Falkenburgh absorbs you right back into the swing of things. I loved working on my Ballerina.


I felt the exact same way when I came home from my trip to Scotland last summer and I have dreamed of returning ever since. Glad to have you back, but I totally understand the funk!

Hey, did you find the Woolshed on Orkney?


Welcome back. Know how you feel. I kept asking myself "why don't I have time to spin knit and read more". Then life sets in again until the next vacation. Glad you are posting again.


Another friend went through the same feelings when she returned from 5 weeks in the UK. It's nice to have you back and no need to apologize.

Amy Boogie

I'm glad to hear the funk is lifting.
If you have time to meet up, give me a call. Is there someplace in between that we can meet so you wouldn't be doing all the driving?


Welome back! I remember that when I returned from a trip to Italy my senior year in college over wintersession, I had to get right into recruiting for a "real" job and had a total meltdown -- I just wanted to be back strolling the piazzas and eating gelato and NOT stressing about investment banking!


It's always hard coming home from a lovely time away. I always marvel at how when I visit other people, their lives seem so uncomplicated. I forget that they are putting things on hold to be good hosts for me. But wouldn't it be paradise to have a life without drudgery and bills?

I look forward to seeing your spinning!

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