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Sunday, July 22, 2007


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I just found your blog and am really looking forward to reading about this new approach. Makes perfect sense to me!

I'm trying (again!) to take care of me, physically as well as emotionally and we sometimes need to know we're not on this road alone. Tx


This sounds very cool. I didn't see yoga on your list of wellness therapies. You ARE going to take yoga, right?

(Says me, who hasn't gone to yoga for over a year....)

Good luck!


Fabulous! I have always known ther's a connection but finding people who can help you will all of it at the same time is sometimes a struggle. I'm glad you were able to find this for yourself. Congratulations on your ongoing improving health.

Teresa C

I really need something like that. I'd be willing to travel to get it as well. I've pretty much given up on traditional drs for a lot of reasons, mostly not seeing, *refusing to look at!* the whole person. I have some issues that I know are caused by other things, and they don't listen to me. So annoying. So I give up and deal with things that I think can be helped. Oh well, when I get a program like that near me sometime....

Leslie Hauck

Hi Dianna!
Wow, this is wonderful to hear you are on a new path to wellness. Congrats. Remember to attend to the emotional...

cedar wallace

Sounds like you are taking our life in your hands and doing all the right things, I wish you the best on your journey and what you wrote is very inspiring to me and others I am sure...good work


How interesting! I'm looking forward to reading about your progress.


I look forward to hearing of your progress.

Amy Boogie

I'm so excited for you and this new health path.


Congratulations! I applaud your persistence in finding a way to become healthy again! I'm looking forward to hearing how it all works.


The thing I love most about my doctor, other than the fact that he'll take as much time as I need and is a wonderful listener, is that he isn't afraid to suggest alternative medicine. Sounds like you found a great program for yourself; I wish you the best of luck.


Taking charge of life can be such a difficult task, but quite rewarding once we get there. I applaud your effort and wish you much success!!


wow sounds like your on the right track. Hoping things work well for you, and your non medicinal approach works!


Congratulations! Glad you are making some progress and without drugs. I have a good friend who is dean of chinese medicine at the homeopathic college in Portland OR, and I 'knew her when' she started her journey. I think there are so many valid ways of healing ourselves, you just need to find the one that works for you. As for HP7, DS (who is 11) is finished! and DH is ahead of me. He's gone for much of the week, so I will be able to finish then, just hoping not to see any spoilers in the meantime!


It sounds like you have found a wonderful program! I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you...a bit of a funk has taken over here lately, too. I'll be interested to see how this is going for you and may look into something similar for myself!


This sounds like a very interesting approach to health. "Medicine" and health care seems to have gotten more and more disjointed as the decades have gone by. I look forward to updates on how this is working for you.

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