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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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too sweet!


Those pups are the cutest! It makes me want another one! We have a mini schnauzer and I think she needs a mate. :)

Thanks for sharing.


I just found you from Julie, though maybe I've visited before? The pups are lovely, are they all taken? I have a friend looking for a shepherd. How about needle names? Addi, Inox, Clover, and, well, Crystal or Bates. I have two mixed breed dogs, littermates, though we got one as a pup and the other as an adult (guess which one is less socialized or well behaved?-the new one!). I put up just born pics on their one year birthday, Oct 22, 2006. My LYS is Water St. Yarns in Hallowell... I haven't been in in a while (though I used to work there!), I will try to get in and get pics to put up.


Such precious pics!

Amy in Stl

Awww, little baby snookums! It makes me want to make all snuffly noises and snuggle them up to my cheeks!


Gosh, I just want to pick them up and SNUGGLE!


So Sweet! Can almost smell their little puppy breath.


I want the top left :)


Like everyone else has said: cute cute cute!! Bet you're having fun! Are you keeping them?


ohhhh... the tiny ears! the infitesimal claws! too precious for words! (I must go pet my dog now...)


They are so cute! TOO cute!

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