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Thursday, January 25, 2007


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Sande Francis

Wow, I'm late leaving a comment about a chair, but I find the most comfortable chair for any activity is an adjustable office chair. I always take off the arms - they just get in the way. Buy one that allows you to adjust the tilt of the seat - you want your knees slightly lower than your hips while spinning.

Dorothy B

Get a really high wooden bar chair and cut the legs off to the height you need them to be. Sand the cut and glue a bit of felted wool on the ends of the legs. It will spin, and be low enough for you.

Lynda Hitt

I think that if you got an office chair that you could try out before you buy you could find one that is the correct height for you that would allow you to spin and it would have a back. I know that all of the office supply stores have large selections of them that you can try before you buy. Don't look at the executive styles but at the ones for the assistants.
I am short as well, and a chair that is the right height is a really really good thing.

Amy Boogie

Most kids chairs are just too small. I'm only an inch or so taller than you (I tell people I'm 5'4" but that's stretching it shhhh) and I use a folding chair. If you can hit one of the indoor flea markets, old chairs were made smaller than today's chairs.

I have a desire to carry a good spinner's seat so I'll keep my eyes pealed and maybe I'll talk to a few companies. Are you going to SPA? If I remember right, someone last year had spinner's seats, I think it was Merlin Tree.


Perhaps a student's chair? Sometimes school districts sell off old style classroom supplies at awesome prices.

Lola LB

I'm also looking for the same thing as well - I'm short and right now I'm using an office chair with armrests and these armrests really get in the way.

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