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Saturday, December 30, 2006


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I love your quote from Margene. I have several friends who are single like I am and we have at seperate times and for different reasons, each come to our own conclusions that at this point in our lives it would take someone very extra out of the ordinary to make us even CONSIDER to let another man into our lives. We have learned to cherish our singleness. The ability to spin when I want, read a book when I want and eat cheerios because we would rather spin (or garden or take a dance lesson or quilt, fill in your own blank here!) than cook a meal that's is expected to be on the table at a certain time, to be very valuable each of us. While I personally realize that men (companion or a woman if you are so inclined) can be good company and it's nice to snuggle sometimes while watching tv or watching the stars from the porch .... the con's somehow always outweigh the pros in this discussion! Maybe I am just at an age where being comfortable in my own skin is coming into style! We are educated women, wise women and if I want to snuggle in the winter I shall get a cat! Or an electric afghan! oh, wait...I already have one of those! Well then, problem solved again for this winter! Maybe I will think differently in the spring...or maybe not!


Good post. I'd say that you're amazingly productive considering the amount of time you have for knitting and spinning. I'm glad you're teaching and designing again. Those are two wonderfully fulfilling activities, even with only a small amount of time to spare.


You accomplished more than most anyone else with your work week and full time mothering! You are an amazing woman. I'm very happy to 'know' you and hope we get to know each other better this year! Happy New Year to you!


Just remember that it is not how much you do, but how well you did it. :) At least that is what I tell myself when I miss a deadline!


I just put together my first photo album and realized that I didn't really have that much stuff -- but I also took up spinning this year, so that's an achievement. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this past year and following you along on your fiber and spinning quests. Here's to 2007!


This whole working thing really does cut into the knitting time. Med school was nothing compared to this! Here's to a crafty 2007!

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