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Sunday, December 10, 2006


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I really need to stop bookmarking things for later commentation. I could have sworn that one of your beauties had left us. Sorry for the last reflection on the Bridge! I totally need some caffeine. :(


I know I know... I am late as always, but your gentle sweeties have hearts of lions and the souls of lambs. May your darling rest in peace until you see each other at the Bridge.

Dorothy B

What beautiful dogs. I hope things have settled for you and the dogs are more for comfort and joy than necessary protection.


:( I want them!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such cute pictures.

Amy Boogie

What beautiful dogs.
My little one is a fierce protector too. maybe a little overprotective but I know what you mean about feeling safe in the house with the dogs.


i know just what you mean. my dd's bedroom is on the first floor, and mine is on the second. our 2 dogs sleep with her, and believe me, no one would try to get into that room with the german shorthair pointer!


What beautiful dogs! It is a comfort to have such friendly and protective companions.


They look like real sweethearts. My brother has had several German Shepherds over the years so I know how protective they are. What a comfort for you.


oooh! Your dogs are beautiful!
Luckily, I've never had need of the kind of protection you have, but still, my husband travels on business and wouldn't be without a dog. My standard poodle is no hero, but she barks likes a big tough dog and all the love makes up for the lack of heroism :)


Gorgeous dogs:) My DH used to have 2 and misses them very much. I too know how wonderful it is to be able to sleep at nights. My first husband was a man such as that. He too broke in at night and assaulted me(causing a broken nose) even though I had 2 young children at home.
I love your blog BTW, your knitting inspires me
Sleep well and peacefully
amber in Scotland


Moxie knows that knitting and spinning time are not for belly rubs but that doesn't mean he won't pout. Your dogs are beautiful.

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