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Saturday, October 14, 2006


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It's a wonderful idea, but I'm sure that they have their own way of dealing with the tragedy and while we as outsiders want to help, and what we would consider 'helpful' might not seem that way to them. I did sign up to participate, but perhaps a donation to the fund would be more appropiate at this time. The Amish have made it clear to the "outide" that they, as a community, will deal with it on their own without outside interference. I think we should respect that. I think this was a wonderful and inspired idea, perhaps we could set up an auction or stash sale with the proceeds benefiting the fund? We'd still be helping, just not with something that could be considered an offense to the Amish? Just a thought.

Beck in Fl

The generosity and willingness to help of the knitting community is abundant and wonderful, that always makes me smile, and I think in their heart of hearts the Amish would appreciate that willingness of spirit, even if they don't outwardly accept the tangible gifts of compassion we wanted to give(laprobes).

After alot of thought I guess I think it might be best if we leave them to grieve in their own way without tangible gifts from even our sweet spinners and knitters.

I think it was a wonderful thought though.


You are so right about learning much of the Amish ways. Their lives are spent trying to 'ignore' our ways. They live a very simple life that is so completely opposite of what we live. I can see our intrusion, though something we find thoughtful and caring, is unwelcome. We call it woman to woman...for them it is outsider to insider and not as comforting. You did the right thing to try and find a way to comfort them and us, bring us together. But they don't need that comfort. They have the community and their God. We should respect that. After much thought that is how I feel about it. Thank you Dianna and Shelley. If anything tragic and/or horrific ever happens to me, or another knitting friend, I know you will be there.


No matter the outcome, this was still a wonderful, kind, caring idea. It's just hard for those of us "outside" to know what is best for those inside that community. They keep themselves separate for a reason, and how can we know what is and is not "right" for them? But the generous impulse to help is, I'm sure, appreciated even so!

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