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Monday, October 09, 2006


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Your thoughts and plans to comfort the grieving families with knitted shawls is lovely. I live in Lancaster County. My youngest daughter was delivered by the same midwife that delivered some of the murdered children.
My concern is not for the idea of the comfort shawl, but the appropriateness of such a shawl. Old order Amish wear woven capes, because they are not "fancy". There are several organizations here in SE Pennsylvania that can answer any question you might have. Before undertaking such an enormous task, it might be wise to contact them. I have listed some links below.


For more information, contact Scott Sundberg, director of communications for MDS, at (717) 859-2210, (717) 917-8827 or ssundberg@mds.mennonite.net, or contact Larry Guengerich, media/education coordinator for MCC, at (717) 333-2826 or lrg@mcc.org.

Below is the concact info for Rita Rhodes, midwife and designated spokesperson for the families during this tragedy.


Can anyone tell me how much fleece to buy for this Memory Shawl? I spin about a fingering weight yarn when double-plied. I just bought a pound of cormo/silk but am having second thoughts that I didn't buy enough! Thanks, Kate


I'm in the midst of a large time-sensitive spinning project that will take me through the end of October (possibly earlier if my wheel ever arrives). If that isn't a deterrent, I'd love to spin for the shawl project.


Ordinarily I'd love to, but I just had carpal tunnel surgery. If you need more help with expenses I could kick in a few bucks. Otherwise, I will join in the prayers.

Dianna Hudson

I would love to knit a shawl for one of the Amish mothers, if you need more knitters, please, please let me know.




Great job mentioning the specifics of the shawls. Amish women only wear black shawls (the Amish in this county - Amish in other states may have different dress guidelines)- mourning or not. The wife of the shooter is not Amish, so her shawl would not need to be black & plain.

You guys are amazing for envisioning this project. The knitters & spinners are amazing for volunteering their time & talents! :-)

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