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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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Nalbinding is very much fun, I love doing it. You really should learn it :)


This norwegian blog has nalbinding: http://heleneh.sprayblogg.no/
Her family does historical reinactments, or something of that sort, and she often shows things that she has done with nalbinding, as well as knitting, dyeing, and other beautiful traditional crafts.


That is really wierd because just today at knit-night at the LYS they started talking about this. At first it sounded like a midevil torture technique but one lady had a sample. Sure I'd love to learn how to do it and make something with you. :)


hummm interesting, I've never heard of that before.


I've only read about this in the "history" sections of many of my knitting reference books. It looks like it produces a beautiful fabric.


I want to learn at some point. Of course, I also want to learn to weave and do bobbin lace and about a thousand other things. Good luck with it; I'd love to see your progress!


I took a class from Nancy Bush. She is very interested in the technique and thinks it was the first knitting. It's very time consuming work and makes a very thick fabric. It's good for mittens in cold climates.

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