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Saturday, October 07, 2006


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Beautiful idea, such loving energy. If you need knitters or spinners let me know. I consider myself mediocre at both, but would certainly be willing to stretch myself to help out. I'm anxious to see how this goes.

Dorothy B

This an awesome idea! I'm stretched too thin right now to be able to knit a shawl and I haven't learned how to spin yet, but I can donate a little through Paypal if you need help with the shipping costs.
I don't think the Amish are going to turn down such a thoughtful and completely handmade gift. If it was machine-made acrylic in neon colours, they would accept it in the spirit it was given and then find someone who could use it. At least any Amish women I have come into contact with would.


I can donate some appropriate-colored handspun if the recipients can and will use the finished items. Please keep me on your list as this progresses.


This is such a cool idea. I see that you have enough folks lined up based on later posts, but if you need an alternate with either, please let me know.

Gwendolyn M

Has anyone checked with the families to see if such a gift would be acceptable to them? I think it's a wonderful idea, but I don't know much about their beliefs and would hate to upset them by making assumptions. If they women in question would accept and use such shawls, then I would be honored to spin and knit one.


I would be very glad to help. I don't spin but can knit as long as the pattern isn't overly elaborate. I think what you're doing is wonderful; please contact if you need a knitter.


Do you already have someone to send the shawls to to get them to the Amish families? If not, I'm willing to help. I live in Lancaster county. You can email me at hlthyskincanbyrs (at) verizon (dot) net


Can we join as a team? For example, I spin and knit, but for this I could spin the wool and let my friend knit a scarf.


I would be happy to knit a shawl as long as the design is fairly simple. Sign me up.


hi... what a lovely gesture. i'm a fast knitter and have made shawls in the past. Please let me know if you need me to help.


I don't spin but I'm a very fast knitter; I'd love to help out, if you still need knitters!


I'm a fast spinner and would love to contribute - looks like you've got more knitters than spinners right now - off to send an e-mail.


What a beautiful idea. I would be happy to assist with either the knitting or the spinning....or both.

Best of luck with your project.


I would be willing to knit one - I'm not a spinner, but I'm a fairly fast knitter.

Email me!


I don't know if in your research you found that the Amish like one particular style of shawl (triangle vs. rectangle), but here is a website that has a lovely compilation of rectangular shawl patterns, some free, some not.



This project sounds so amazing. I don't think that I have the time to give to the project, but I'd love to keep up with how it progresses. What a touching, wonderful thing to do!

Claire Warren

Wow, I would love to help, but am not a big lace knitter. Is there a pattern already picked out? I would really like to help, but am unsure my knitting skills are up to it. Is there anything we can knit for the fathers, hats, scarfs, mittens.


I am slow at shawl knitting, but might be able to attempt... I could definitely help with spinning. I am sending an email with details.

Thank you for this.


what a terrific idea. i have knit forever but i have yet to undertake a shawl. i shall pass this along to other knitters that i know and give your emails.

angie Cox

That is a lovely idea.I couln't knit a shawl in time and not sure without too many tears.I don't know if there is a book of condolences ? God bless you for what you are doing to show how sad so many of us are and to include the shooter's wife whose life must be un-bearable.


Wow... this is amazing. You two are amazing and an inspiration!

I can't participate - my spinning skills are just too umm.. bad. Really bad. And I knit too slowly. But I can talk about it in my blog and hopefully drive some spinners and knitters your way. And I can be a cheerleader along the way.

I can't wait for the updates!

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