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Sunday, September 24, 2006


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Great colors on those fleeces. I look forward to seeing what you do with them!


How exciting! I haven't even gotten to deciding what to make, but since I was advised to think of myself as a project spinner, better start looking through patterns! I love the photo of the curling horns:)


oh my! are you going to just spin them all or are you going to try and dye any of it?


You are very ready for TK! Can't wait to watch you get started and see what you end with!


Oh, the memories you brought forth for me! Common Ground (when it was in Windsor) is where I got started in rabbits and of course fiber. My mom had a yarn booth there. Then, my first trip to Rhinebeck, I bought a gorgeous grey fleece - from Joe Miller. BTW, romney and angora blend makes for a very nice yarn full of bounce. Not quite the softness I prefer but a nice yarn. I like your drying rack!


That sounds like a great day. If you're leaning toward a Zimmerman pattern then you maybe should join Zimmermania! It's a very fun and talkative group already. It's at Zimmermaniacs.blogspot.com.
I'm impressed with your washing. I've had a cormo fleece for 6 months that I haven't even started on yet!


A cleaning machine! I am so impressed. The fleeces look so nice, can't wait to see/hear how they spin up.


Looks like a great haul!


Cool. And sounds like you are on your way with the new fleeces. I like the drying picture!


Lovely, just lovely. The display method sounds so informative. I would have loved to have been there just to learn more.


Wow, I am amazed that you dove into the 3 fleece right away. I have 2 llama fleece that have been sitting for over a year as I am too chicken to start on them.

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