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Monday, May 15, 2006


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Peggy Connors

WOW Dianna. The wedding shawl is fabulous. Congrats on the new daughter. I hope they have a wonderful life together. You must be proud. Love getting a glimpse of the kids and the dogs here and there. How about a shot of you! We love you. Peg


Wow!!! Absolutely the most lovely thing in the world. She must be a special young woman. Congrats!


Absolutely stunning!!!


A beautiful shawl and ceremony. Congratulations!


Oh I'm just speechless. What a beautiful shawl - what a beautiful place - what a beautiful setting. Wonderful for them. And you. I hope you were able to enjoy every single moment despite some of the concerns you had.

A wonderful time for everyone - I'm sure. The photos surely couldn't begin to convey to greatness of the place and moment.


Gorgeous shawl. It looks like it turned out perfect and was enjoyed by the bride.


aww its beautiful, the shawl the wedding on the beach! Congrats on your new daughter :)


Lovely shawl - and it looks like a lovely ceremony. Congratulations to you and your family!


A fabulous accomplishment which makes the day even more memorable and special. The whole scene is breathtaking.

Kris in Wisconsin

Amazing! Just amazing. Congrats on a job well done.


What a gorgeous shawl and wonderful wedding pictures. I can't believe you finished in such short time. Ugh-I would have been a nervous wreck!


It looks beautiful, and it looks like a really nice ceremony. Congrats. I hope the ex behaved himself?


Sunset wedding at the beach. Congratulations on completing the shawl just under the wire (pardon the pun - ha ha).


GORGEOUS. The location. The day. The wedding. The bride. The groom. And of course, the shawl! You obviously put your heart and soul into this. What a special part of their wedding day you were. LOVE the daisies in her hair, too. Very sweet.


It looks like a beautiful shawl, and a beautiful wedding! Congrats!

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