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Friday, April 21, 2006


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I have to say it is the yarn (or sales) because my lys is not conducive to sitting an knitting. They do have classes, but I haven't taken any because I can't fit them into my schedule.


I go for the people, and the samples. I love to see things are completed and get to look at them, see how they are executed. I love when the shops have patterns done from Knitty and Magknits too because it makes me feel like the store is more "connected" what is happening in knitblogging land!


i don't have any lys, whah! but there is one in south florida that i can tell you why i don't like it- the owner. she is just plain odd, and never welcoming. sheesh, last time i went i didn't buy a thing, and they were having a 20% off sale!


The main reason I go to a LYS is the yarn. If they have the selection I like and they treat me well I'll go back. We are lucky to have many shops and all have different yarns. It's nice to spend a day going from shop to shop just for fun. I do like good interesting classes and other events, too.


It's the people. I live 6 blocks from a yarn shop I avoid like the plague because I don't like their service, and especially because they were condescending to me when I first started knitting. Instead I drive 45 min to the shop where they know my name and remember my sweaters. They may have special events, and I know they have classes, but I've never gone.

I went 1h in the other direction last eve to see the Yarn Harlot - special event - but it's not something that will bring me back to the yarn shop or that had me buying anything while I was there.

Sigga Sif

For me it's simply the fact that they have yarn! I don't buy yarn online, because of many reasons, the biggest one being exactly that you can't touch and feel, and the color often looks different on a monitor than it is in real life. To the best of my knowledge, my LYS's don't really organize any events but since I don't speak much of the local language, things like that could go on without me knowing about them!


Other than classes, there are no events at my favourite LYS. But, they do have something new and interesting to see/feel every time I visit. They are aware of what's going on in the www knitting community, and bring in things that I see in cyberspace but don't see anywhere locally.

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